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51.300 BD
  • Attaches to most gimbals with a 3/8-16 mounting socket;
  • Inside of the mounting socket is padded to protect your gimbal;
  • Portable, lightweight (0.74 kg) and made of solid CNC Machined Aluminum;
  • Handle Grip features a super firm and tight ratchet knob locking system;
  • Ratchet knob system allows you to adjust position of the handle on the bar;
  • You can rest the unit on a tabletop, creating a stable base for hands-free gimbal calibrating;
  • Anti-skid and comfortable rubber grip;
  • Two-handed grip increases the time you can shoot comfortably;
  • Transfer the movement from your wrist to your core;
  • Dual-Grip Gimbal Handle can be grasped overhanded, or underhanded;
  • Perfect for gimbals that work in an inverted mode;
  • (4) ¼-20 threaded holes (top and bottom of each Handle Grip)
  • (2) ¼-20 threaded holes (each side of the handlebar)

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