Astera AX1 Wireless Pixel Tube

by Astera
Sold out
166,000 BD
The Astera AX1 Wireless Pixel Tube is a 28 watt, RGBW, LED, Battery powered and DMX wireless pixel tube that is also IP65 rated and can be used at event sites, light up tables, curtains, etc. This fixture is a A highly creative device that offers a large range of possibilities. It is also compatible with LumenRadio’s PLASA Innovation Award-winning CRMX Wireless DMX and all Astera remote controllers.

28W power, 16 pixel segments, 180° beam angle, IR,
App controlled and wireless (CRMX) DMX,
built-in rechargeable LG battery, IP65.
Includes charger, stand, 2 eye bolts, 2 holder.

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