Dedolight DLH400DT KIT

by Dedolight
2.489,600 BD

A fixture for single ended 400W daylight metal halide lamps with unrivaled focusing range and unequaled light quality.

Can be operated at 575 W with the same lamp when used in conjunction with the dedolight DEB400DT electronic ballast. Matches optical design of the DP400 projection attachment for flawless performance

Kit Contains:

  • 1x  DLH400DT      Light head, 400/575 W daylight/tungsten
  • 1x  DBD400           Barn door (Series 400)
  • 1x  DPOW400DT   Light head cable (to ballast)
  • 1x  DEB400DT       flicker free ballast, 400/575W
  • 1x  DL400HR          400/575 W daylight lamp (clear)


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