SHAPE D-Box Camera Power And Charger For Sony A7 Series

by Shape
145.000 BHD


    • Compatible with SONY A7 SERIES;
    • V-Mount Battery Plate with Safe Lock (Optional Gold Mount converter GVRPC );
    • Small size and lightweight battery plate (0.8 lbs; 0.36 kg);
    • When the D-Box is plugged in, safely disconnect and reconnect the battery without powering down your rig;
    • 5 outputs: (1) 5V:4A:20W, (1) 8V:5A:40W, (1) 12V:5A:60W, (1) 16.8V:6A:100W, (1) USB 5V:4A;
    • Supports up to 100W power consumption from the device;
    • Comes with a robust 15mm Rod Mount with locking and angle adjustment system;
    • Threaded holes at the back of the plate for mounting on a cheeseplate;
    • LED indicators for power features.

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